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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

random stuff

*dengan gaya chef 1*baiklah adik2, hari ni kite akan belajar care buat fish finger sandwich yg sangat2 yummy and berkhasiat! yummy!!!! hahahhahh!!

mule2, sapukan butter on one of the bread and make sure u dont tear it like i did in this picture hehe! and put a slice of cheese on the other slice of bread

kemudian letakkan lettuce secukup raseee, i like my vegies so i put a LOT smpai mane bleh stabil , kekadang tu banyak sgt smpai terjatuh2 so terpakse mkn cmtu je hehehe (make sure lettucenye dibasuh dahulu yeeeee)

apply sauce to own taste hehhe, i usually put some mayo, chili, and black pepper! yummy!

then put the already fried fish fingers that magically appeared from out of the sky heheh~

tadaaaa!!! walah! magnifique!! hehehe! i'm a hungry healthy boy so i usually have 2 lik in this pic. i even took a bite to show u guys/gals how scrumptious it is hehehe!! bon apetit!!~~



FakuLito said...

resepi lain, adegan makannya makanan lain...

'iklan yang mengkonfiuskan'

sarara said...


atif said...

damn you, letak gambar high-resolution - i can see the bloody sandwich in all its glory LOL ,@.@,

*salivates because of food deprivation in nz wuwu*

Capik! said...

paku: yg last tu just a pic nak menolong anda2 smue membayangkan cmne i ate the sandwich heheh!

Sarah: limited edition ah heheh! make one urself la ! kate takde bende nak buat kan hehe!

Atif: kesian gile seh korang, come here and i'll ask adib to cook curry for u .. sodappppp!!!

P/S: look at my new jacket!! black, very warm wool or something, army like with the buttons and stuff and the very2 macho hood!! i likey!!!

atif said...

did you chase a sheep and hacked it to death then sheared off its beautiful hair then tireless spun wool thread thingummies in the tallest room of the tallest tower with the help of rumplestiltskin before finally knitting the jacket yourself?


*tarik nafas*

-did you buy it off online? XD?

On the curry: hokeyh! Aku datang Sabtu ni, eh? Rumah ko nombor berapa ek?

sarara said...

nak proper pic of the jaket pleeeasee!

and i still wnt u to do for me lah!

Capik! said...

Atif: none of the above hehe! aku beli kat kedai laaa!!! :D

Sarah: nnti arh, when i have the time! exams!!!!!!!

nick dayana said...

knape fish finger tu cam....dah agak2 'ter'lebih masak jer? :P

Capik! said...

oit! mane de ar nik! aku tgk ok aje, and aku makan pon rase sodap jee!! hehe!!