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Friday, June 27, 2008

Listen to my advice!

dload this album!!! = Once by the band = nightwish

tersgt2lah best!!!

owh yeah, i'll do the tag thingy after exams aite tynnie?? or jas... dang, sudah lame tak borak till i dunno what to call u now hehe!


Abir said...


What happened to your spirit of blogging?? Quick! I need ENTERTAINMENT! My life is pretty mundane without being head over heels anymore. So i need to find fun in other people's lives! Lol! How pathetic do i sound??

How've you been with uni and stuff?


Capik! said...

hahahha! mmg mmg, sgt2 lah pathetic :p takde ah, after the exams aite? have to focus now, hanye bleh fit in a few short posts and comments :D

tynnie said...

its so funny lah.
u can call me either one lah boy.
if u combine pun..still my name. :)

Frendy F said...

hoho, hows exam? biler nak gi "kota baru" lagi?