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Monday, July 7, 2008

winter hols!!!

huhu! sorry to all my beloved addictors of my blog for not updating.. my internet was shaped the past few days which meant that only my YM was accessible (this resulted in long hours of playing computer games and sleeping while waiting for my two stephen king books i bought on ebay for 15AUD)

winter hols started a few days ago and since the start of the hols i've been watching movies on my lappy, playing games.. eating.. working out.. not much really..

the past few nights were movie nights.. the first movie (which i conveniently had to skip due to my cowardness) was a spanish horror film which (from all the screaming i heard) must have been a frikkinly awesome movie.. after that was I'll always know what u did last summer, which we made us laugh more than watching a good comedy.. (the plot & actors & everything else in the movie was damn right shitty!!!!) and tadi we watched Scream.. kinda heard how good it was and everything before but it kinda made me disappointed... didn't make me jump out of my skin.. japanese, korean, and thai horror movies will always be the best! (which is why i very2 seldomly watch them!) :D

We ran out of chickin tonite and hence, had to go buy pizza for dinner.. today was exceptionally cold what with the rain and all... i don't actually know what the temperature was actually (google said 10 degrees) but it felt waaaayyyy colder than that!! (i dont know how u survive up there in canada ving-ving...) i had my gloves on, thermal, t-shirt, and my sweater.. but when i arrived at the pizza place (after walking for a good 20 minutes) my fingers were practically numb! dang it was cold! it actually made me buy some thick wool socks to wear at home! 7 bucks per pair.. damn, that's 21 ringgit for a pair of socks... owh yeah, i was also wearing my trusty beanie from that person yg sgt2 degil tanak mengblogging (grrr....)

also bought an anti-bacterial hand wash.. all this medicine crap is making me phobic.. i practically wash my hands (not including before and after a meal) about 4-5 times per day... hope it wont lead to anything not good hehe :p

now i dont really know what to do.. good thing i have my girl to keep me company ;) apart from that, games.. movies... and i really need a good novel.. been searching for the third book from trudi canavan from her black magician series but it's quite expensive at borders.. and i couldnt find a used one at ebay.. any novel recommendations anyone??


nick dayana said...

haha..reading ur blog really makes me wish that the holiday would be longer..xmo balik now... :(

Frendy F said...

Hehe, u should be prepare to face the minus degree temperature when u are on the mountain~ Especially when u snowboard/ski during blizzard that caused whiteout! Its freakin awesome as the temp can go as low as -10 degree!

Irving said...

Hahaha, how did I survive the weather up here in Canada?

In the first place, who said I did?


Capik! said...

u didnt survive irv??? then... ooooooooooo..... creepy.... like the others or something hahahahh! a hantu that blogs.. herm... nice new concept.. :p

atif said...

that freakish spanish horror film - the orphanage, ke?

and asyik basuh tangan je eh- that, my friend, is obssessive-compulsive disorder lol XD (don't take my word for it lah - if anything, you'd be able to diagnose it better than i can =p)

zalikhaanas said...

try the alchemist,nyse one :)

Anonymous said...

oh yes, saya memang degil.