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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

me?? a model?? YIKES!!

This sunday is the Malaysian Carnival, and from what i heard, it's gonna be quite a great outing.. and plus, I'm in the dikir barat team doing a performance so it's surely gonna be a blast..

so petang tadi I was waiting for the dikir practice to start at the Adelaide Village when suddenly sumone came up to me...
"acis eh? err, nak tak jadik model untuk malaysian carnival nnti?"

@.@ ......

"err... ok..???"

hahhahhaha! giler ah.. model siot.....


enchantress said...

Read Sarah's blog; the comments.

PS: Arecheese Arecheese! Are you proud of me?? I have let go! Yay!!!

*dances up and down*

*Let's do the twist!*

Atif said...

YAY so the months of (me) teaching (you) has paid off at last

*nangis terharu wth*


Irving said...


And I'm also glad my years of teaching Atif was not in vain.

sarara said...

aduhai aduhai.

kan saya sudah kata. dari awal lagi. you are more vain than me.

mcm terharu, its like seeing my 1st production talking his baby steps.

pictures please :)

Capik! said...

which one abir???? comment on which post???
hehe, i'll do the twist when i get my hip replaced ... too old.. :(

owh well, what the heck.. for abir's sake...

*does the twist and breaks my back* ... adoii..... help.... *groaning on the floor in a ball of agony*

Capik! said...

Irving and atif: hey ... irv.. did u mean to make that pun??

And I'm also glad my years of teaching Atif was not in vain.


hahahha! i dont know if it's just me or did anyone else get that pun?

Capik! said...

sarah: ............ at least i'm a vain model now hehe ;)

enchantress said...

On all the posts i commented on your blog and others'!
Was just pulling your leg.
That's what boredom does to ppl!!

Capik! said...

hehe, bile nak kene halau dari tanah malaya abirr??

enchantress said...


18th September flight to Heathrow Airport at night 8.45 pm.


Like you're seeing me off anyways.

Sedang menantikan saat saat tangisan berkumandang pabila kaki meninggalkan tanah melayu.

PS: My bday is coming soon!!! 1st September. Let's look forward to THAT first!

nicky said...

haha..they must be sooo desperate to ask u to be one haha!!!