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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

new semester baby!

the results of the mid-year exams came out on monday and Alhamdulillah, i didn't fail any papers.. got a credit for my bio (padan muke, ponteng klas lagik.. dah la study last minute ><; )

an A for my MCQ/SEQ paper, B for my MEQ paper, but a C for my prac paper... i thought i was sure to fail that prac paper so i'm grateful that i actually passed!! but then when adib and epul got an A and a B for theirs... herm... "need improvement la weh" i said to myself..

so now i'm actually studying while in uni (more than usual lah...) and it's proving to be much efficient than wasting time lepak2 time breaks then study di rumah sahaja.. coz now when i go home, i can actually relax a little bit.. not cram every single Learning Issue into 4 hours hehe..

but yet, i've still to do my clinical skills guidelines.. but at least i've searched for the things i'm gonna be putting into the guidelines!! which is an improvement of last sem's "baru tau ape nak letak in guidelines malam sebelom clinical skills class :p

But now tgh rehat kejap.. agak tired la walaupon enuf sleep + coffee stiap pagi.. dunno why... anemia? of what? blood loss? nope.. chronic disease?? no also.. then what?? normocytic? microcytic? hadoiii...

that's one more thing i'd like to decrease this sem apart from slacking off = complaining!!! i'm such a big wuss + wimp... this sem is all gonna be about picking myself up and going for all A's for my end of year results!! walaopon my prac dah agak susah nak dpt A due to mid-year results hehe..

so... i'm putting u guys in charge of giving me boosts when i'm down so i won't slack off again.. orite??? iggeee!!!!! mahu buat guidelines now... urinalysis.... ophtalmoscopy... wait.. urinalysis.....
*note from lecturer.. we'll be inspecting our own urine samples... agak pelik.... hahahah!! ewww gak ah.. :p


enchantress said...


Just look forward to becoming Dr McSteamy, yeah?!


PS: Everything will be alright, my dear blog buddy.



Irving said...

C'mon Acis! You can do it! Adib je pun....you can beat him!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lahabau tuh dah ah smart gila XD

Send him and Epul my regards. And yourself also LOL! XD