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Monday, September 22, 2008

Malam Merdeka part 2

I kinda put this off quite a while ago since i had no mood and time to really write much about it and to justify how great this event was, i REALLY needed more time to write about it and hence, i'm writing it during the uni break :D

I left off at the part when I just arrived at the malam merdeka thing venue and people were putting things up for deco and wiping the plates clean and such, with all the hustle and bustle u could feel the sense of excitement in the air!! the performers arrived early to get a glimpse of the stage and try it out before the actual event...

Yanie and Laila testing out the mics..

Sifu Din Muthy doing his thing with his guitar...

Hazerq and mariah setting up the piano

The dikir team getting into the groove!~~

So we set everything up and did our last shots at practice and stuff... and all that time, my heart was racing like crazy!.. i'm gonna do three performances in one night!!! WTH man... i'm not even that much of a performer!! actor... yes... singer??? dancer??? LOL!!

so this is what happened....


Cuak after dikir, nak gi menari lak!!


Then there was the singing part..

Mule2 jadi backup singer...

Then the solo part!!

This was kinda humiliating since I FORGOT the lyrics... hahahahha! but then tak rmai yg perasan thnx to yanie yg berjaya mengcoverkan tk diri ku hahahhahha! nvmlah, nak wat cane, bende dah terjadi :D

It was damn tiring and all.. but the experience and knowledge, not to mention new connections i got from this event... it was all damn worthit .... and i'm typing this with a HUGE grin on my face while looking back at how much fun I had.. so thanx to everyone for the great event, MASCA 07/08 committee that made all this possible, all the friends who helped me with the dikir and the dancing and the singing... especially kak za / ayie who endured the torture of teaching kami yg kayu how to berzapin :D thnx everyone!!

Kami yg ENJOY!!~~

Me with Kak Za / Ayie heheheh! sifu zapin!!


Laila said...


why la acis?

whyyyy must u put that one FAT picture of me? whyy ohh whyyy?

candid plak tu! aaaaaaaaa!!

aih. i rase restless kejap.

hahahahha!! =P

adieo said...

wah....lagi meriah dari kat malaysia, aku mlm merdeka duk umah makan cereal je...

Capik! said...

Laila: hahahah! mane de fat lah! :p

ADi: hehe, meriah gak what makan cereal?? :p

Anonymous said...

oh my goodies...

x bileh nafikan kekayuan korang. hahahaha

but its something dude! korang berenam (the guys ah) are willing to represent Malaysia/Johore


gagagagaga, adib2... *shake head*
squid?!!! *shake head hecticly*

arecheese menten ah... hahahahaha

me said...

did i saw u dancing ...
soo funny laa chee san

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. nasib baik kau letak name selain kak za sekali.. haih la naqib dan kimi.. sesuke hati je kasi name baru..

anyway.. the pleasure's all mine.. thank u jugak sbb sudi nak belajar menari.. =)
next time, i already know who to give a call.. hee~

Capik! said...

Hakim: hahahhaha! kiterang takde la kayu sgt seh.. marah sifu zapin aku ko ckp cmtuh :D

Me-nuar: weh! tak ckp pon ko ade blog syial.. haahha! takde ar teruk mane aku menari kan kan? :p

Ayie: haahhhaha! tuh ar, aku takut nnti ko fire aku ke hape kalo aku tak letak name btol :p tapi nama kak za tetap di hati ;)

me said...

sory a..
blog ak xgempax cam korg..
bru dlm proses a..
lgpn malas nak edit a..