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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


yeay! despite how u guys takmoh tau about my skin problem, i still wanna talk about it! it's my blog dammit! i get to choose what i wanna write!! muahahaha!

so it's not a fungal infection, it's just an allergic reaction to dust/dustmites.. so now i have to clean my room and wash ALL my clothes with hot water... *sigh*

but at least it's not an infection :D


fakulito said...


sarara said...

i hate to say i told u so, mr-my-side-of-the-room-is-clean :p

Atif said...

hahaha i kind of wonder pulak where you got the initial idea that it could've been a fungal infection. ever heard of medical students' disease, tak? cuba check wikipedia lol XD apparently us medic students tend to get a bit hypochondriac? @.@?

and hehehe if the hot water doesn't work, mebbe you shud call up our exterminator from canberra kot, satu kali pam gas dalam bilik ko terus bersih LOL XD i would substitute, but my supplies are low wtk LOL.

and randomly dude, tukar la lagu blog ko, it sounds so depressing wawawa @.@ + =p

adieo said...

i'm getting weird rashes all over my body too, kot2 same problem as yours....*sigh*, at least your allergic to 'foreign' dustmites, i'm allergic to local jer...sedih

iqbal hakim said...


sounds like 'agak kotor'...


rajin2 la sapu bilek. ;p

and lucky u its not an infection.

Capik! said...

Paku: asal? tak puah hati? aku bagi bende ni kat ko baru taw hahahhaha!

Sarah: hey! it is! it's MUCH clenaer than the other sides!! ask any of my roommates! huh!

Atif: hahaha! i've heard of that disease lah, and no, i don't have it! (which shows that i actually don't have it coz if i had it, i'd be confessing that i have it... get it?? :p )hahahah! hadoi, tulahm, i think canberra has no more bug problems :p

Adi: hahahahhahaha!!!!! giler ah, dengki eh? tak class ar kalo local bugs eh? nak import pnye? :p

Hakim: hoi! it's not coz it's kotor lah, my house semue same je! the reason why I got it is coz my skin is allergic and I'm allergic to them! U could have a million dustmites on your body and not feel a thing but i can have a MASSIVE reaction with just a few hundreds! pah! everyone thinks i'm filthy.... bosan arh u guys! naseb baek ade atif and adi... :(