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Sunday, October 26, 2008

f**ked up

u guys know i was doing well before this right?

but then this guy had to go all hypocritical and f**k up my weekend so now i'm f**kin pissed off so...

to that guy, go f**k off. cermin diri sblm ckp kat orang len ye?


Anonymous said...

oh man.. spoil gile ade org mcm tu..

rileks ah budak.. klu die pun cakap x serupe bikin, nak buat ape layan.. kan?
kate dah nak blk ni.. wee~
hang out jom? hahaha.. (mcm la kat sini x puas lagi lepak2)

Atif said...

relax, capiks, relax... ambik yang baik, ignore the rest. there are more important things to be bothered about, kan?

Capik! said...

thnx guys :)

enchantress said...

Dude, you expanded your vocab from reading my posts right? Lol!!

Anyways, leave these people to rot in hell for all we care. It's a waste of time for us to be angry or annoyed or pissed at them.

Friends don't make their friends annoyed or ticked off. Hence, they don't matter. Hence, ignorance comes in handy.

sarah said...

feeling better?