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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


imagine me strapped into the front seat of a maniac roller coaster and i'm screaming my head off as the roller coaster's going 500km/h (a lil exaggerated i know) lol! but that's how I feel rite now.. whoosh! i'm finishing my final assignment for this year.. Whoosh! i'm already starting my last case this year... whooosh! i finished my OSCE already.. Whoosh! macam2! i'm MASCA committee, i'm about to finish first year, i'm gonna be sitting in the final exams in a month, i'm gonna go back to my lovely family in Dec.. huhu! whoooshhhh... i'm 20... :( ok, that last whoosh tak berape "whooosh" if u get what i mean :p

Medicine is really eating up every part of my life especially the social part.. i'm so frikkin bz studying all the time :( i want more of a social life but *sigh* what to do kan? sape suroh amek medic hahhha! but i'm getting the hang of it.. the "be optimistic" thing... looking at things with a silver lining everytime... and it's really helping me smile and push on... so i wanna thank EVERYONE that's been helping me even if know it or not... not only those in aussie... but the WHOLE frikkin world!!! hhahahah! life is not good or happy or easy rite now, but i'm looking at the better side of things :)



sarah said...

your welcome.

i hope time would swift by for me as it has for u.

Anonymous said...

oh.. kenape ek? aku pun happy je padahal assignments sume tiru.. exam dah nak dekat.. x berape faham sbnrnye ape yg lecturer ajar.. hahaha.. apekah?
we're high on all the subjects in our course kot, acis..
high on minyak.. *mata pusing2*