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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RAye~ day 1

Raye day 1 was kinda hambar,
pegi solat raya,
makan at nazee's house (delicious food!)
then open house petsa (we kinda arrived late coz i went home and skyped my mom before going) so the food was almost gone lol!
then rumah naqib (bukan open house pon)
then rumah kak bash kat airport, then rumah omaquest~
by the time smpai umah omaq tu i was damn tired and instead of eating anything, i went into kimi's room and slept lol! then balek rumah, end of day 1 of raya!!! bosan giler kan? lol! nseb baek member2 smue best2 belako, so takde la bohsan sgt hehe! pics? kat facebook banyak kot yg dah letak pics.. cari sndrik la yeh??


idzwan_phoenix said...

i wud call that pretty eventful consdrg how i clbrated mine..u already knew it..miss solat raya, went to lectures,then group role playg..wat fun in that????still, cant wait 4 ths saturday malsoc deepa raya celbration..

FarahMexx said...

nazee = nazirul ke? he's also fr jalan 3 rite?