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Saturday, April 18, 2009



heehe, so far, the hols have been faboulous! and compared to last year, pergh... like sky and earth bak kate orang kampung aku lah.... (Buk, 2008/2009).

hehehe, I've been so busy everyday that if i write all that i've been doing in this post... it'll be too long to read... so i wont... just know that i'm enjoying things and i love my family, my girlfriend, and my friends :D

andddddd, i'm gonna go to melbourne next week!! yeay! first time pegi melbourne hehehe!


Frendy F said...

cuti saya dah habis.. T_T

Anonymous said...

apa ni frendyyyy.... kamu dah habis cuti ke cuti dah habis kamu nih.... haih.