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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beach Day and NCG

Wow wow wow penat giler!!!

I had my first project as a MASCA committee yesterday.. beach day! and thank god! (Alhamdulillah!) and Mariah too!! our partnership as project manager went great! and she helped me a LOT and i'm glad it went well.

there were a few hiccups here and there, and i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for that guys! first time handle bende cmni.. biasenye buat bende kat skolah kecik2 je hehehe...

we had to cook for the beach day and that meant about one hour of sleep for the commitee (and half an hour for me, trying to get everything right by checking, double checking, and checking again hahahaha!) so we were damn tired on the day of the event.

but we managed to pull ourselves together and the event was a success! everyone had fun!

owh yeah, our team menang tarik tali!! yeah!! besh giler!!! two years in a row beb!

Balek, smpai rumah dah mlm... terus tido

esok pagi bangun2 ade selection rugby plak ><;

dah ar badan sakit main tarik tali... tapi sbb semangat giler nak men rugby kan... pegi je jgak!

panas giler time training, tapi best2! and skrg tunggu result dari captain ah, tgk boleh masuk first team ke tak, dah lame tak dpt first team ni hehehe...

for now, smbung study, thyroid bebeh! go thyrotoxicosis!!!!! yeah!

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The Soundaholic said...


Hope you're doing better lah pakcik.

mascar pun mascar lah.

Belajar pun belajar lah.

Psst... still need that 3k :P

you don't read my blog no more!