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Sunday, June 21, 2009

my 21st ~~

so u can guess what my post will be about right? i'm gonna start from the beginning .....

I was kinda bummed that my birthday was gonna be on the 20th, coz my first paper for the mid-year exams was on that day too, i thought it wouldnt be much of a deal coz i dont normally celebrate my birthday anyway, so what the heck right? well, it all started when my gf posted me 2 parcels... and she told me to open the parcels only when it was my birthday... so that kinda got me excited for my birthday.. kinda puts a touch of excitement and anticipation to it dont u think? so despite the strong urges to open the parcels, i waited ever so patiently for the night of the 20th..

so with the exams coming up and what not, naturally, i was spending most of my time watching movies and series on my laptop.. e'eh! tak tak, studying, of course, duh! ( hehehehehe~~ )
on the 19th, i kinda got all hyped for it, but the dreaded biochem paper was on the 20th and as the "genius" I am, I only went to 2 of the lectures during the whole semester! so i had a LOT of catching up to do, so at the end of the day, at 11 o'clock, i arrived home after spending a day at the library, tired, exhausted, and looking forward to skyping with my lovely girlfriend...

My webcam decided to go haywire the night of my birthday, which may just be it's own personal way of wishing me happy birthday, i dunno, i think i'm gonna grind it into a fine dust and put in a bottle and have a fine memorial for it for the way it tortured me that night. giler tol, had to restart my laptop a few times to get it working, so i got to skype with my gf 2 minutes before 12am... seeing her made me miss her so much, it kinda made me sad.. me, celebrating my 21st with my gf and family so far away.. but nvmlah i told myself, its gonna be ok.. so 12am came and went, she wished me happy birthday and i love her so dearly for being the first to wish me that for so many years now.. and i opened the parcels. one was a HUMONGOUS card with our pictures in it cut and pasted into the shape of a heart.. sweet giler! and the other was a cap. i was complaining to her when we went out all those months ago that i wanted a cap and she remembered! shweetnyeeee!!! heheeh! but the thing is.. she sprayed her perfume onto the cap and the card... and i know her perfume so well, i've smelled it everytime we go out.. for me, it's the best smell i've ever known... that made me miss her so much!! and it kinda made me so sad.. i couldnt even talk to her that long since i had to go to sleep early for tomorrow's paper...

but i couldnt even sleep.. i tossed around in bed thinking about the last 21 years of my life... how pathetic, celebrating ur 21st bday stuck in an exam hall...

i slept at 2.30 or 3 am.. something like that, woke up to solat subuh, tried to sleep again but couldnt, decided to read more lecture notes at 8.30 till 11, had a little nap till 12 then went to the exam hall...

can't say much about the exam, kinda puas hati lah, not that hard, and plus, out of the 7 med students taking that elective, 3 dropped the course, and 3 didnt turn up for the exam ><; wtf rite? i was the only med student there out of the 7 who took that elective hahah! damn... so dah habes tu me munir , ayie and long drove back home, ayie was pestering me about doing something for my birthday but i was too tired, giler penat kot! and i had no mood either, tgh down GILER! when we got home i saw nazee's car, i thought he was just visiting. when i took off my shoes i saw epul's sandals.. i was like, "owh, epul pon ade ke. watpe dtg mlm2 nih?" then i headed to my room, through the living room... munir was ahead of me and when he entered the living room first i heard someone shouting "SUP...." HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! giler spoil!! it was then that i saw a banner with HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it and baloons stuck on the walls and when i got into the living room, it was frikkin full of people!!! "SUPRISE!!!" hahahahahah! giler terharu siot!!! naseb baek tak nanges! cool ar katakan :p hahahah! and they had everything! the cake (ade due!!) and food, pizza and tarts and everything.. I can't thank u guys enuf.. it's the first time i've had a suprise birthday party and i enjoyed it to BITS!! thanks people!!! giler best!!!! thanks to din for organizing it and everyone else for making it happen! and the best thing was, there were 21 people at the party :D so i may not have shown much emotion during the party but i was quiet.. and that means something! if u know me well enuf, if u do smething for me and i'm quiet... that means I REALLY appreciate it!!! hahahha!! giler sayang kat korang! thank u thank u thank u!!!! i'll never forget that night... :) thank u people!!!

list of friends yg dtg:

my housemates: din, munir

my ex-housemates: epul, adib, polah

my neighbours

mawar 7: asi, amer, jiha, sheffah, fizah, farah, emy

rumah mami: mami, nina, epok, najmi

rumah anees: anees, syitah

and lutfie and nazee..

thats 20 people, and me, the 21st :) sukenyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pics are at my facebook page :D

alamak! luper ar plak kan, happy sgt dpt suprise party, nseb baek asi ingatkan hehehe..

mase tgh party tuh aku tgh carik tissue.. bukak la almari bawah singki, nampak belon air banyak2, cam. herm.. dah agak dah hahaha! sekali, dak2 mawar 7 ni ngan muke innocentnye, mintak tlg amekkan kete dierang, sbb dierang parking jauh, nak hide kereta la kononnye... sekali bile dah amekkan kete dierang, kluar je kereta dierang baleng2 belon air plak! ade yg kene tapi tak pecah pon! saket ade ar! haahahhaha! mule2 tuh ok la, terima je la, adat birthday kan? sekali kluar plak tepung! hahahhaha! dayumn! abeh rmbut and baju ku!!! lepas tuh sapo tah gatai plak kluarkan telur! hahahha! perghh mmg kalau masuk oven malam tuh kluar2 jadi kek terus ah aku hahahhaah! thanks people :D

okeh okeh, smbung lagik, ade a few more bits i left out ><; sorry!!!!

ok, while i was getting ready to sleep that night (the night of my bday) I was all mopy and sad and stuff and then tetibe sarah tegur, she wanted to skype kejap coz she said she was depressed and all and i was like, alahai, nape nih? agak cuak gak la member depressed kan, tapi taktaw la die fit the DSM IV criteria or not (lawak medic) LOL! so i skyped her la, and me being all blur, bleh lak tak sedar she wanted me to skype her coz she wanted to wish me happy birthday! hahhaha! so that was a mini suprise that kinda mad me smile :) so thanks sarah!!! :D

and then and then, ade orang tuh die gi penang rasenye and she forgot it was my birthday @.@ so die terpakse wish me a BELATED happy birthday lol! takpe2, i'll get u back someday! muhahahahahha! *evil laugh* tapi i liked the KDK thing, u should have took a picture of it!! :( hahha! takpe2, smbung study :D


xpreSme said...

lorh..kenape x include skali, belon air+tepung+telur.... lalalla~

ngeh3...naseb baek ktrg bwk belon n banner(recycled from fara's brthday)... =P best kan mawar7??

Capik! said...

hahaha! ok ok dah tmbah, thnks asi :D

MusafiR said...

wah wah wah. bunyik best. all the best exam!

slmt ari jadi, acis.

p/s: wished i was there as well. wlupun xde kat situ, we care for u as well, really.

squidevilz said...

hahaha..sowielaa ak xde..ak lpak kt kirby kot..hahaha..stadi..nk brjaya laa katakan..haha

MusafiR said...


semoga cepat2 nikah.
jgn lupa jemput utk resepsi tau!

epul said...

woit study woit
Gapo blogging-blogging nih
Hak aluuuuuhhhhhh

shefa said...

jgn salahkan aku, salahkan munir! (pasal sup! tu) wahahahahhahaha. aku tgh tgk thru lens camera masetu sbrnye, sbb tu tk nmpk sgt sape yg lalu tu. so aku dgn excitednye telah terjerit. tp tkpe, munir gk yg salah :p

iQh said...

oh, ok...

i've become ignorant...


Selamat Ulang Tahun Hari Kelahiran yang ke-21

dah boleh mengundi neh!!! Hahahahahaha

and and and....

jangan lupa send kad invitation kepada kami. =)

Atif said...

alah, sayang, diorang terlupa butter >.< tu lah, tak ajak aku, if you did i would've brought a big oven (like, REALLY big, considering ur size) pastu boleh masak ko ramai2 =/

huga huga.

it was nice reading this post btw, baik gila kengkawan kamu di sana =) tak tahan kena spoil yang bit surprise tu seyh LOL xD but yeah, its only been two days since, hope you're still enjoying the bday vibes! =D

good luck with the papers, my last one is tmrw =')

liL' amiRaH said...

acisss,....part kene telur 2 mnarik knnnn..~~~muAahahaaahahaahh...

Frendy F said...

Haha, cool b'day!

Now u r legally an adult to most of the countries in da world~ Yeah!

ihsan_huhu said...

duniawi sume2 nih

(siot r mkn2 xdpt join)

ahmad nazirul amir said...

hahahahahahahhaha.if aku dkt c2 da lme aku join party tepong-telo ko chesan :p

Capik! said...

Syah: takpe syah, aku taw aku tetap di hatimu sentiasa hahahhaha! selamat menempuhi peperiksaan gak :D

Zul: aku dgr citer ko terpakse berpindah sebab tak habes2 kene tembak kaw2 dgn babi2 rumah ko hahahhaha!

epul: uikz, baru je sebut kat zul, dah kluar dah, panjang umur ek? hahahah!

Shefah: takde2, stil salahkan ko!!

abg taf: thanks dude :D

Atif: LOL! then i'd be a REALLY yummy cake kan kan? i have such good friends here kan kan? :D

Amer: ye laahh memang la menarik dah korang tak kene, aku gak pening nak basuh baju cmner hahah!

Frendy: dah aku cool, nak wat cmne, terpakse ar bday aku cool gak kan kan? hahaha!

Ihsan: eleehh, ko ckp cmtuh sbb tak dpt makan kan? dengki ar tuh haha!

Amad: hahah! takpe2, pastikan ko buat futsal time aku balek msia nnti weh, aku perlukan sports kalo tak nnti jadi gemok weh! haha!

Abir Abdul Rahim said...

Tak mention pasal my belated wish pun. Cheh. I'd appreciate some attention okay.

sarah said...


Capik! said...

alamak, jap jap i'll edit the post ><;

Puloh said...

Thanks r korg ajak ak sekali..ak suka makan2 ni..hahahaha

faten said...

bee, ur friends r juz soo sweet =) giler dengki! heh! nyway, u deserve it.. especially part kene baling telur 2! =p haha!

Anonymous said...
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Capik! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abir Abdul Rahim said...

Terima kasih.

*sambil lap air mata yang mengalir tak terhingga kerana meng-appreciate-kan my humble gesture*

Anonymous said...

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