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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

be creative?

ok ok, giler ah! due update in one night! bengong pe aku nih

tgh tensi studi la katakan yek...

tadi tgk2 gmbar2 member2 kat flickr... perghhh creative siot dierang neh... I can say that i know much of the technical stuff of photography.. tapi creativeness? haprak.. I'm one of the guys yg sgt minat, work hard on it, tapi get nowhere becoz of that lack of ummpphh and talent. and I'm not saying this to meraih simpati or anything, no. I know who I am. I wont be a world renowned photographer but what the heck? I LOVE taking photographs... so I'll keep taking photographs, even though their not that good.. it's not what people think of u, I'ts what u enjoy.. kan kan?

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Anonymous said...

Its what u enjoy~ betul3(upin n ipin)