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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wah wah, lamenye tak menulis!

perghh, it's been quite a while since I've written anything in here, dah bersawang dah agaknye...

I'ts exam time and as expected, everyone's stopped their usual hoo haa and started studying like there's no tomorrow... normally I wait till the last two days before exams to study but this time i've been at the library since monday and this is the third day, quite impressed with myself! but I still dont think it's enuf.. really worried about the exams, I dont want to repeat a year, I want to stick to my plan.... study, get to fifth year without repeating, then pass the barrier exams, then kawin with my lovely booboo!!! pastu habeskan 6th year, and then we'll see if I carry on with my housemanship here or at malaysia.

honestly, I dont see a point of doing it here in aussie.. sure, the equipment and everything else is better here.. but I miss malaysia too much.. the people, the food... owh the heavenly food! to eat food without needing to check the ingredients, no more seafood sensation at subway, no more eating at hungry jacks with a heavy heart... and no more counting my money and rationing my money on food! balek mlysia boleh balun! lapar? kuih ade, roti krim 60 sen ade... haus? neslo ais! lapar/haus tgh2 malam? mamak berlambak! hahahah!

of course the pay's much better here, but i've had enough of the look... the look of racism that i get everytime... the drunk bastards that wonder around at night.. all the drinking... it's so frikkin wasteful.. kenape mau minum? u know it's bad for u!! haduih...

so tgk lah cmne.. hope it goes well.. pray for me yeah? taa!


Idzwan Phoenix said...

finally back on tract..good luck with the exam =P!!!

HRH Fiza said...

I miss Malaysia too! Yes yes especially the food! halal food. lepak at night at maple. shopping till late. car! cats! and most of all family :(

faten said...

yeay! smbung kt m'sia je awak! besh tau dok m'sia hee.. =p