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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trials and finals..

wahdoi! my blog's been REALLY dead as pcha said huhu! didn't have the time to update ler, its been hectic with trials and all (which i did really badly) and plus, i don't have internet access at my condo so it's really tiring to go to kay's house just to access the internet.. anyway,

SAM's nearly over, just about a month till the finals and my chem still sux haha! i took a day off today playing dota.. kinda seems sad when i think that we'll have to part sumday.. it's been really fun with all the MARA and non MARA kids this year and the last. maybe it's true when people say that college life is the best, and i think these two years have been the most gruesome but yet, fun years of my life excluding my time at SAS heheheh!

if any of my taylor's friends read this blog, it's gonna be really sad to say goodbye to you guys, i've never met with any group of people so spastic and with so much energy to do things that don't need to be done hahah!! i hope all of us get to go to australia or wherever else u want to go, and after the finals, don't forget to do sum sort of fun activity aight? but then sum peeps are leaving rite after the exams... no time for fun *sob sob*

nvm, hope th corroborree (is that how u spell it??) is worth the hundred bucks!! roger and out!


HRH Fiza said...

whats so fun about dota? dont think ill ever understand =o

yeah its really sad if you think of the goodbye part (well except for 6 + 8 people that unfortunately (kidding) will still be here next year). its as if baru semalam je july 10 2006. sighs. not that im complaining that SAMs over, of course hehe.

so yeah i guess ill be spending my february next year sending people off eh? sad sad. even sadder if we think about the fact that we may never see each other again! well unless if we buat a road trip around aussie wooohoo finals pon tak lepas lagi. terlebih think about the future pula. okay enough la mellow mellow ni.

btw, where the heck are you?? chis escape class.

Capik! said...

hey! it's DAMN fun u know.. but then it's only fun if u play with ur best buddies (people u like) and if u know how to actually play hahhaha! that's why i only play with the guys from SAM MARA and a few other guys hehe..

tuhler, sending people off is sumtimes more saddening than actually be sent off, i wonder how many people are actually gonna send me off... :p

hahahaa!! i woke up at 8.30 larh, my housemates ramai yang dah balek so cam no one to buat bising and wake me up, so when i woke up at 8.30.. mls dah nak gi klas hahah!

atif said...

xpe2 syafik i'll make sure i'll be in the crowd sending you off, because i'd wanna make sure that you ARE sent off - AWAY - from this country WAHAHAHAHAHA

kidding2 =D lol!

aku ngah tgk cita drama melayu nih: gila melodramatik seh =.= generic betul.

HRH Fiza said...

damn i really hope ive a car next year to send you people off. doa doa la yeh. takde aku takleh hantar tau =(

Capik! said...

haha! atif, if u're in the crowd sending me off, i'm sure u'r being sent off too hehe, no way am i gonna be sent to australia if u dont get it too hahah! what car are u expecting pcha?

atif said...

@pcha: we can always pretend that the ridzuan playground is the airport, and then you can send us off there - no worries

iqbal hakim said...

acis.. it is my honor to send you at the airport~~~~ NOT!!!

cam tak sedey je... tak sedey... tak sedey... tak kesah... qT_Tp