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Saturday, April 5, 2008


i dunno what HAARP actually means but all i know is that they absolutely rock in this concert..

basically, this cd/dvd set has songs of various concerts in a cd and the concert at wembley on the dvd (if i'm not mistaken)

i've seen the songs on youtube and i can easily watch the whole concert on youtube or just download it but after watching this video :


i couldnt resist myself from buying the compilation.. but i wanted the "super limited" edition which had already sold it if i'm not mistaken so i resorted to ebay...

i bought the whole set for 35aud (which can be considered as VERY cheap) and i dunno when it's gonna arrive and such and i DO hope it arrives but when it does, i'm gonna be glued to my laptop gawking at the awesomeness of this frikkin miraculous band..

they're frikkin awesome in their records, an their FRIKKIN AWESOME live....

i wanna go to a muse concert :(

owh yeah, that reminds me, i'm supposed to go to sydney this 13th and i was al pumped out on the trip, but then i found out that matchbox 20 is gonna do a gig her in adelaide on the 13th!!! ><;
dang! so i thought, they're on a mini-tour, so they'll probably go to sydney! maybe i can catch them while i'm there, but alas, disappointment hit again when i found out that they're gonna do a gig on the 17th at sydney.. which is when i'll be coming back home to adelaide....

:'( ...

nvm, the disappointment was kinda dimmed down when i ordered the muse dvd set.... bile la nak smpai....


atif said...


i thought you were just kidding about being sedeyh lol @.@ lek ah bro, lek2. Aussie (as opposed to NZ =.=) has got a lot of awesome bands, and they're like the centre for musical congregation in the south hemisphere - you miss mb20 today, you might get muse tomorrow lol =)

nak tunggu any bands datang nz?

hampeh ah =.=

Capik! said...

hehe, if i were at the wembley concert... i'd probably go ballistic! i wann play the guitar like matt...

FarahMexx said...

i stumbled upon ur blog :p huhu.

anyways, if MUSE comes to adelaide, don't don't don't ever miss the chance.

I tell you their concert is super worth going.

ah rindu nye MUSE.